Peaches was my second guinea pig although she was brought into my home right along with valentine, my first. Peaches was shy and reserved and was a great hider. At the sight of movement or sound she would dash to safety. She is one of the two I had adopted from a pet store. When I asked to hold her a young kid had confronted me and the pet store employee and asked if he could pet her. I couched down and said be gentle and scratch right behind the ears. The kid using his whole hand had patted her like a dog and scared peaches so bad she ran up my arm! I knew she wasn't the right personality for any kid and the boy giggled with delight saying "Mom, I want this guinea pig!". As bad as I felt taking the one piggy that the boy wanted, I did what was best for Peaches and brought her home.

Tiny and cute at first, she grew quick! she was always munching and was the first one I heard wheek! She would always get stains on her fur from the veggies and would act like nothing happened. Her name came about after a made a poll between the names peaches or carrot. Peaches stuck as her bum always reminded me of the peach emoji lol! She loves to zoom and is very explorative when it comes to floor time. 

During my first nail trim she was an excellent girl and sat totally still so she gave me great practice! Meet my girl Peaches:



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