Some items on our shop work in a variety of different ways and also provide a different kind of comfort to your pet. While it is mostly straight forward, take in consideration how your own guinea pigs/small pet behaves. 

Traditional Bed Pads: these square cushions provide an additional layer to their flooring. Whether you use fleece or bedding, putting this under hides or in a cube house will provide a soft spot to lay on and to comfort little feet. They also are super absorbent so pee or moisture will not infiltrate sleeping spaces. I also love to put these under water bottles to catch any leaks or spills. It may not catch it all if the nozzle breaks, but it definitely does the trick for those pesky leaky bottles.

Little Loungers: sold in two sizes, these loungable beds are great for the lazier guys who love to curl up in a soft space. Padded layers in the bottom, 4 in tall sides, and a sleepy piggy is a recipe for success! Paired with a fleece forest above, this will make a place where even the most skittish guys feel safe. 

Tunnel: our tunnels are made so they can be walked through and slept in. Many of my own pigs prefer to sleep inside one of our tunnels for its quick escape and ability to turn around. It’s airy but also secure and makes a fun but comfortable environment. 

Cuddle sacks: A popular simple item that can provide a way of transport or like a sleeping bag. My older pig loves these where as some of more more explorative ones sleep on top. I love to use these when cuddling a guinea pig since it gives them a sense of security. I also use this in the cages on occasion especially with my much less messy herd. 

Fleece Forests: these strips of fabric on a rectangular or triangular fleece are perfect for providing security to their homes. By nature, guinea pigs and many other small pets, rodents, are prey animals and fear things such as hawks or large birds. By covering the above space of the cage they feel safer from environmental threats. It also is even better with a hide or tunnel under it! Ours are made perfectly for c&c cages, determine fitting by descriptions measurements. Underneath Fleece forests also are the preferred spaces to potty so if you’re attempting to litter train a small pet, this may be a solution! 



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