to anyone looking for a cage that is bigger and promotes a healthy pet lifestyle here’s some links of cages I recommend! 
I personally did a DIY c&c to save money and fit the enclosure in my space as I like. 

1. C&C cage - these cages are do-it-yourself with out the nuts and bolts. be sure to get a large sheet of chloroplast from home depot or another hardware store to make a bottom lining to protect surfaces below it. Good for rabbits, hedgehogs, & guinea pigs
DIY c&c

2. Kavee cage - a premade c&c cage that comes with the chloroplast! Good for rabbits, hedgehogs, and guinea pigs
c&c with chloroplast 

3. Midwest cages - perfect for 2 female guinea pigs but will want to be extended some if you’re housing males. Good for guinea pigs and hedgehogs
Midwest cage




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