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Furbabyfleece FAQ

"do your products fit all guinea pigs?"

answer: our creations are made to fit almost all guinea pigs. Cuy guinea pigs who are nearly double in size than your average guinea pig would still fit in our cube houses though! Hedge hogs, rats, and ferrets would also be the ideal sized pets for our products!

"how easy do they clean"

Our pet liners are simple to clean and last many washes. Simply shake or brush poop and other debris off before running it through the wash to avoid getting it on your clothes. Use unscented detergent and a splash of vinegar for optimal results. We recommend cold or warm water, not hot! Even the lighter colored fleece items come out spotless! Daily spot cleanings will prolong cage use and make piggies extra happy!

"Can I get a custom order?"

Select the “Chat with Us” feature in the bottoms left and we will take your order! Keep in mind custom orders take longer to fulfill and depending on order size we may charge a fee for labor. You can also place orders through Instagram or Facebook!

Additional questions about our Guinea pig/small animal accessories can be asked through our “Chat with us” feature in the bottom left corner